How To Legally Own A Glock Switch

Glock With A Switch

A Glock switch, often referred to as a prohibited and highly regulated accessory, is designed for specific handguns, primarily Glocks. This attachment aims to convert these firearms from semi-automatic to fully automatic firing modes. Compact and discreet, this device can be discreetly affixed to the rear of the handgun. However, it is crucial to note that possessing a Glock switch is not only unlawful but also carries the potential for severe legal consequences. At the federal level, violations can result in penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

These devices have unfortunately gained notoriety among criminals, posing an alarming threat to community safety. Firearms modified with Glock switches have the capability to discharge multiple rounds per second. This rapid-fire capability renders them incredibly challenging to control, substantially increasing the risk of harm to innocent bystanders.

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How to own them legally

There are several ways to legally own a Glock switch which include:

  1. Get a license and pay the appropriate tax before using the Glock switch
  2. Consult with your state laws on high-caliber firearms before making an attempt to purchase them
  3. The Glock switch is highly restricted when used in public places such as malls, Beaches, schools, etc.
  4. You can legally use the Glock switch for self-defense, At the range, or in the forest.

If you are unable to get the appropriate license needed to use the Glock switch legally, Then avoid carrying it to the above-mentioned places. For more details on how to use the Glock switch legally, please visit

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