Top 7 Glock pistols in 2022

Top 7 Glock pistols in 2022

As of my last knowledge update in September 2022, I can provide information on some of the popular Glock pistols up to that date. However, please keep in mind that the firearm market can change, and new models may have been introduced since then. Here are seven popular Glock pistols up to 2022, Top 7 Glock pistols in 2022

  1. Glock 19 Gen 5:
    • Often considered one of the most versatile and well-rounded Glock models.
    • Compact size, suitable for both concealed carry and home defense.
    • Chambered in 9mm with a magazine capacity of around 15 rounds.
  2. Glock 17 Gen 5:
    • A full-sized Glock pistol known for its high capacity and accuracy.
    • Commonly used by law enforcement and military.
    • Chambered in 9mm with a magazine capacity of approximately 17 rounds.
  3. Glock 43:
    • A subcompact 9mm Glock designed for concealed carry.
    • Slim and lightweight, making it easy to conceal.
    • Holds 6+1 rounds.
  4. Glock 26:
    • Another subcompact 9mm Glock, often used as a backup or concealed carry firearm.
    • Shorter grip and barrel for better concealment.
    • Typically holds 10+1 rounds.
  5. Glock 34 Gen 5:
    • Designed for competitive shooting and target sports.
    • Features a longer barrel for improved accuracy.
    • Chambered in 9mm with a magazine capacity of around 17 rounds.
  6. Glock 20:
    • Known for being chambered in 10mm Auto, offering more power than 9mm.
    • Suitable for hunting and outdoor activities.
    • Holds 15+1 rounds of 10mm ammunition.
  7. Glock 21:
    • Chambered in .45 ACP, offering larger caliber rounds.
    • Popular among those who prefer .45 ACP for self-defense.
    • Typically holds 13+1 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition.

Please note that this list is based on information available up to September 2022. If you’re interested in the latest Glock models or specific details about their 2023 offerings, I recommend visiting the official Glock website, checking firearms publications, and consulting with local firearms experts or dealers for the most current information. Additionally, be sure to follow all local laws and regulations regarding firearm ownership and use. For the latest information and updates on the Top 7 Glock pistols in 2022, visit

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